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Woodwind Repair Course Information

4 Levels of Online Repair Courses for Clarinet, Flute and Saxophone.

  • Level 1 classes are 3 months long and are designed for educators or private lesson teachers.
  • Level 2 classes run for 6 months and are designed for those who want to further hone their skills and increase speed.
  • Levels 3 and 4 are for those seeking to become master repair technicians.
  • Our ‘For Band Directors Only’ repair essentials will help educators be able to do essential clarinet, flute and saxophone repairs to keep instruments in the hands of students with fewer interruptions.
  • Repair basics classes are designed for everyone to learn maintenance and basics repairs of their instrument

Browse our list of upcoming courses for 2024 and sign up here.

Introduction to our Instrument Repair Courses:

2023-24 Higher Education Partnerships- Building Music Careers through quality woodwind repair

2023-24 Band Director Woodwind Essentials Repair Course

2023-24 Flute Repair Courses

2023-24 Clarinet Repair Courses

2023-24 Saxophone Repair Courses

Meet Our Repair Technicians:

Many of which were our previous Students and have gone on to be incredibly successful


Our mission is to build stronger music communities through accessible quality repair.