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What Makes The Buffet-Crampon Bb Clarinets So Special?

Why You Should Buy A High-Quality Buffet Bb Crampon Clarinet

Woodwind instruments are designed and produced very carefully to ensure that they produce the desired intonations. Manufacturers of woodwind instruments spare no expense to design and produce these highly acoustic instruments. These are reputable manufacturers like Buffet Crampon. There are other unscrupulous manufacturers who create low-quality instruments at the expense of the buyer. These low-quality instruments play bad music and last for a very short time. That is why you should always invest in a high-quality woodwind instrument to enhance functionality and ensure longevity. One of the most popular woodwind instruments is the clarinet. Clarinets are played everywhere by soloists and also be orchestras. You need to choose a high-quality clarinet if you want to play good music. There are several reasons why you should buy a high-quality clarinet and these include:

·       To ensure sound clarity

·       Rich warm sound

·       Clear sound projection

·       Comfortable key work

·       Consistent intonation

·       Perfect resonance

·       Durability

·       Instrument beauty

All these are important reasons why you should visit or call Lisa’s Clarinet Shop and order a high-quality clarinet most preferably a Buffet Crampon. Buffet Crampon is one of the leading manufacturers of professional Bb clarinets around the world and you will find all of their high-quality clarinets in this music shop.

The company also produces clarinets for students and semiprofessionals. But the big question in everyone’s mind is why Buffet Crampon Bb clarinets are so special. Today we are going to see why so many clarinetists prefer Buffet Bb clarinets.

Produced From “Green-Line” Material

Buffet Bb clarinets are made from a premium Green Line material. This material has the same tonal delivery as wood. It consists of 95% Grenadilla powder, which is made by crushing small leftover pieces of Grenadilla into dust, and the rest is carbon fiber. The granadilla powder helps reuse wood that would have been wasted. To create Green Line material, the Grenadilla powder and carbon fiber are subjected to immense pressure. The new material is called Green Line material and it offers very many benefits. For starters, the new Green Line material offers great acoustic properties and perfect resonance. The material is also very stable, which means that it can withstand temperature variations without warping or shifting. Green Line material is also very strong and from, which means that it does not crack easily.

Cylindrical Bore Design

Many Buffet Bb clarinets, such as the Buffet Bb Tradition, feature a cylindrical bore design. This design enhances the clarity and purity of the sound. Some of these clarinets, such as the Tosca series, also come with a tone hole placement. This is another feature that improves the quality of the sound vastly.

Ergonomic Rings

Some Buffet Bb clarinets, such as the Légende have ergonomic rings. These are designed to give the clarinetist a more comfortable feel when playing the instrument. These ergonomic rings also give the player an intuitive feel.

Other Unique Qualities

Buffet Bb clarinets usually come with many other special features. For instance, most of these clarinets feature high-quality skin pads. Most Buffet Bb clarinets have metallic key work including nickel, gold, and silver.