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Unique Features Of The Buffet Bb R-13

Where To Buy High-Quality Clarinets

The quality of sound produced by any musical instrument is only as good as the quality of the instrument itself. If you buy a bogus instrument, do not expect to produce beautiful music. But if you invest in a high-quality musical instrument, you will definitely enjoy the music produced. Of course, there are other factors to consider like the skill level of the play. The important thing to remember is that the quality of the musical instrument is also very important. This is especially true when dealing with woodwind musical instruments.

One of the most popular but highly sensitive woodwind instruments is the clarinet. The clarinet is widely played in solo performances and also in orchestras. This instrument is very sensitive when it comes to quality. You have to make sure that you buy the original design made by experts in the industry, such as Buffet Crampon. And speaking of Buffet Crampon, this is the leading brand of clarinets in the world. Some of their most celebrated clarinets include the Buffet Bb Tradition, Buffet Bb Tosca series, Buffet Bb Divine, Buffet Bb festival among many others. All these clarinets are designed for professional but the company has also produced clarinets for students and semi-professionals.

And if you are wondering where you can get these high-quality clarinets, the answer is quite simple. Visit or call Lisa’s Clarinet Shop today. You will find a huge collection of all these Buffet Crampon clarinets and many other instruments from other similarly highly reputable brands. Today we are going to look at one other high-quality and highly popular professional Buffet Bb clarinets. Let us talk about the famous Buffet Bb R-13.

Metal-Plated Key Work

The Buffet Bb R-13 has many special features. This is what makes this clarinet so amazing. The buffet Bb R-13 comes with metal-plated key work. This is not only well-tuned to operate but also very durable. This is one of the key features to look for in R-13 clarinets. The metal plating can be nickel, gold, or silver. The metal plating gives the clarinet a rich unique look.

Premium Stained African Black Wood

The Buffet Bb R-13 is made from Grenadilla dust or Green Line material. Green Line material contains 95% Grenadilla dust plus carbon fiber. It’s also made from the premium stained African black wood, which is the densest and this gives the instrument a dark, rich tone. Green Line material does not warp, shift, or crack easily. This means that the Buffet Bb R-13 will list for a very long time.

66 mm Barrel/Poly-Cylindrical Bore

The Buffet R-13 Bb clarinet has a 66 mm barrel with a poly-cylindrical bore. This enables the instrument to produce very clear and pure sounds. The clarinet also has undercut tone holes, which improve the sound even more.

Other Important Features

Here are a few other important features and specifications for the Buffet Bb R13:

·       It has blue needle springs

·       It comes with metal body rings

·       It has an adjustable thumb rest

·       It features high-quality double fish skin pads

·       It’s stored in a deluxe naugahyde-covered wood shell case