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The Best Professional Bb Clarinets In The Market Today

Choosing The Best Professional Bb Clarinet

Clarinets produce some of the best music in the world. Some poor quality clarinets ruin the whole thing. You have to make sure that you buy a high-quality clarinet to enjoy the sweet music notes. The problem is that there are very few shops that sell high-quality clarinets today. Many clarinet shops or musical instrument shops sell cheap knockoffs and clones to increase their profit margin. For true music lovers, this is a big disappointment. The good news is that a few shops have maintained their business ethics and continues to deal in authentic high-quality clarinets and other musical instruments. One of the most reputable brands in the clarinet market is Buffet Crampon. There are several things that you should look for in a clarinet to ensure that you are buying the best item on offer. Signs of a high-quality clarinet include:

·       A reputable brand name

·       Premium production materials

·       Special features

·       Warranty guarantees

·       Reputable shop

One of the most reputable shops in this industry is Lisa’s Clarinet Shop. Founded back in 1985, this shop has been selling topnotch clarinets for over three decades now. You can be assured that you will find what you are looking for in this fine music shop. If you do not know exactly what you are looking for, this article will help reveal the best Bb clarinets for professional music players.

Buffet Bb Tradition

This is one of the finest professional Bb clarinets in the market today. This clarinet was inspired by a pre-1950s design while also factoring in things like performance practice and modern musical features. The instrument has a cylindrical bore that purifies its sound immensely. The Buffet Bb Tradition has a tone hole placement from the Tosca design and it works well together with RC and R13 families. This clarinet has been played by very many professional artists and musicians around the world with amazing results.

Buffet Crampon R-13

Buffet Crampon R-13 is the instrument of choice for many professional clarinetists. This musical instrument is also very popular among advanced student clarinetists. The Buffet R-13 is made from premium African black wood. It’s actually made of Green-Line material, which consists of 95% Grenadilla powder and carbon fiber. This production material gives the Buffer Crampon R-13 exceptional qualities. For starters, the material is very stable and hence does not shift or warp when the climate changes. It’s also firm enough to resist cracks and other common damages. The R-13 clarinets produce a warm colorful sound due to its superior features.

Buffet Bb Tosca Series

The Buffet Crampon Tosca series was designed for the 21st century. The clarinets in this series combine elegance and style. Tosca clarinets are manufactured using advanced production techniques with high-quality materials. You can handle the key work comfortably when playing and you can produce consistent intonation at two different levels because the Tosca clarinets feature two barrels. These instruments are made of Green-Line material and they have a low F correction key for adjustment to match other instruments at the lower end.