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Dr. Pamela Shuler
Assistant Professor of Clarinet, Eastern New Mexico University
I went looking for a Bb clarinet somewhat skeptical about the colored ring system.  I remember talking to Lisa before I tried instruments at Lisa’s Clarinet Shop and after Lisa heard me play, she had a pretty good idea of what instrument I would walk out with (red-brown and the model).  I think I tried every clarinet she had available and selected three clarinets that I felt could best fit me.  I had asked Lisa not to tell me what color the rings were when I tried each instrument to "test the system."  Low and behold, when I looked, the three instruments I had selected were all red-brown.  The model that fit me best, an RC Prestige, was not a model I had even considered but tried on the suggestion of Lisa.  Trusting Lisa and the color ring system allowed me to find an instrument I NEVER would have been able to find on my own but IS the perfect instrument for me. I have seen first-hand from my own purchase how well the color ring system works.