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Caroline Hartig
Professor of Clarinet, The Ohio State University
Doing business with Lisa Canning of Lisa's Clarinet Shop was a truly wonderful experience.  I have had the pleasure of knowing Lisa for many years. As an excellent clarinetist herself, she has  keen insight regarding the needs of professional clarinetists. I love the instrument I purchased from her.  Not only  did she select amazing instruments for me to try, but she had them regulated so that I could really get a clear indication of what the horns were capable of.   She also gave a few notes on each instrument regarding their strengths and I found her comments to be helpful and  spot on.   In short, Lisa is a tremendous business person who is  willing to go the distance to please the customer.  She knows what quality and integrity  are all about and she  has my highest recommendation.  It is a pleasure to recommend her to my students and colleagues!