Dr. Pamela Shuler
I went looking for a Bb clarinet somewhat skeptical about the colored ring system.  I remember talking to Lisa before I tried instruments at Lisa’s Clarinet Shop and after Lisa heard me play, she had a pretty good idea of what instrument I would walk out with (red-brown and the model).  I think I tried every clarinet she had available and selected three clarinets that I felt could best fit me.  I had asked Lisa not to tell me what color the rings were when I tried each instrument to “test the system.”  Low and behold, when I looked, the three instruments I had selected were all red-brown.  The model that fit me best, an RC Prestige, was not a model I had even considered but tried on the suggestion of Lisa.  Trusting Lisa and the color ring system allowed me to find an instrument I NEVER would have been able to find on my own but IS the perfect instrument for me. I have seen first-hand from my own purchase how well the color ring system works.
Assistant Professor of Clarinet, Eastern New Mexico University
Diane Barger, Professor of Clarinet, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Whenever I am in the market for finding a clarinet for myself or one of my students, I know I can count on Lisa for the best service and selection. She offers outstanding customer service, a personal expertise in the selection of the finest clarinets available, and an overwhelming commitment to customer satisfaction. Her pledge of excellence is further exemplified by the fact that she exclusively sells Buffet Crampon clarinets – the cornerstone of fine craftsmanship. There is no doubt in my mind that Lisa’s Clarinet Shop is the place where you will find the best instrument to help you achieve your best musical voice!

Professor of Clarinet, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Ralph Wilder, Principal Clarinet, Evanston Symphony Orchestra,  Adjunct Professor of Clarinet, North Park University

I have known Lisa Canning for well over 20 years – and in that time I have seen a brilliant businesswoman, an entrepreneur, a superbly accomplished clarinetist, and a person with a drive and determination rarely seen. Lisa’s Clarinet Shop is, in essence, the ONLY place in the entire Chicago metropolitan area to purchase a clarinet – and to feel confident that the instrument has been hand picked and serviced by Lisa. All my clarinets – Eb, C, Bb, A, and Bass were purchased from Lisa – and I could not be more pleased with the quality and service that accompanied all my horns.

Principal Clarinet, Evanston Symphony Orchestra,  Adjunct Professor of Clarinet, North Park University
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