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Terms and Conditions


I know how important it is to you to find the perfect instrument to meet your playing needs. If by chance you are not sure if you love what I have sent, I will be happy to look for more for you to try. All you need to do is ask me. And if your worried about the shipping, because I usually get it right on the first try, if you need to try more for some reason, the shipping to you will be on me.

I take a great amount of pride in my selection process and have done this for many fine players like yourself for over 30 years now. I trust you will be satisfied with my selection.

Completing your purchase

REMEMBER: Don’t use the swabs in the cases! They cost $10.00 each to replace and we don’t want to have to bill you for those you return that are used.

If you purchase an instrument there is no trial fee. If you select a more expensive instrument then what you were originally charged for, the balance will be charged at the end.

Return Shipping

Note: you are responsible for shipping both ways. I offer return labels at my standard shipping rate, which most tell me is considerably less than what they have been quoted when they go to UPS or Fed Ex to return instrument. Feel free to email me and ask me for one and I can bill your account for it. All return labels are fully insured and sent through email and can be printed out.

Time line for Instrument Trials

Your approval is for 14 days from the date of your invoice. I ask that you only have the instrument(s) postmarked back to me within that time period. If you need an extension please call and ask for one. You are responsible for the instruments while they are in your possession. When returning those you do not wish to keep be sure to insure them. I am flexible if you need a little more time but only if you call me prior to the end of your first 2 week trial. It is very difficult to maintain the quality level of instruments I have, while managing to send more instruments, than someone will be purchasing, out to try. I am always in a position where someone else has 2 or more of a specific type of instrument I need for someone else who is waiting to try. I very much appreciate your timely return and respect for how difficult it is to maintain inventory that is this expensive while meeting all of the very particular needs of the my customers I am here to serve.

Trial Fees You Will Incur If You Do Not Make a Purchase

If you do not purchase an instrument you will be charged a $10.00 trial fee per instrument plus the original shipping and insurance charges. You will also incur a 3% set up fee to pay for a portion of the costs we incurred setting up instruments for you. Typically I spend per order between $150-$200 per instrument doing basic set up work to new instruments to make sure they play their best for you. I do this in order to make it easy for you to make a buying decision that would not be possible if I did not do this work. While no one likes paying fees, I make no exceptions in charging these fees whatsoever. The work I do is expensive and a risk to me that I will absorb these costs if for any reason you change your mind. Other dealers charge for set up work routinely, where we do not. As such, if you don’t make a purchase you will be paying for a portion of  it.

Instruments returned between 15 and 30 days will be charged a flat charge of a 20% restock fee. Instruments returned after the 30th day are not returnable whatsoever and will be returned to you with additional postage charged to you.

If you choose to not purchase an instrument from Lisa’s Clarinet shop, your money will be refunded (less the fees listed below, within 5 business days of the receipt of the instrument(s) return, either through electronic transfer back to your credit card or by check. Due to the slow delivery of US mail these days,  if you paid in cash or by check, while the check will be mailed within 5 business days it is likely to not arrive for 10-12 business days.