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How to Get Started in Clarinet and Saxophone Repair Courses

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Many of us start playing clarinet or saxophone, realize we enjoy it, and keep doing it—which means we use our instruments quite regularly. They are mechanical machines, and their parts will wear over time; inevitably, some kind of repair is eventually needed. Rather than having to find a reputable repair shop that has the time to work on your instrument, why not pursue some training in basic clarinet and/or saxophone repair?

Saxophone Repairs


Taking preventive measures as simple as cleaning your instrument can help prevent frequent trips to the repair technician. Even though many musicians take the proper measures necessary to keep their instruments in good shape, sometimes accidents happen, as well as regular wear and tear, that do require a visit to the repair technician. The following guide is about the various types of saxophone repairs.

The Saxophone’s Key Instrumental Features

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What is a saxophone? The saxophone is a single-reed instrument that is characterized by its conical shape and finger keys. The first saxophone was patented by Adolph Sax in 1846 and was designed to bridge the gap between brass and woodwind instruments. The saxophone was used in the French army, and later was performed and used in other countries. During World War I, the saxophone became a popular instrument in the United States as a solo instrument, becoming among one of the foremost important solo instruments within the development of popular music genres, such as jazz.

Clarinet or Saxophone: Which is Easier?

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Many people, when deciding whether to learn clarinet or saxophone, struggle to choose between them. There are several factors to consider when choosing an instrument to study: Is one harder than the other? Which kinds of music utilize this instrument regularly? Is it relatively simple to learn to play this instrument? How much does it […]