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5 Flute Care & Maintenance Tips

The flute is one of the smallest instruments of the woodwind family, and like any instrument requires care and maintenance. Even though many musicians take the proper measures necessary to keep their instruments in good shape, sometimes accidents happen, as well as regular wear and tear, that do require a visit to the repair technician. It is important to teach care and maintenance to young students so that they can develop good habits early on that can prevent frequent trips to the repair shop. Check out this week’s tips on how to maintain and care for your flute.

Clarinet and Flute: Similarities and Differences

You’re probably wondering what the similarities and differences between the flute and clarinet? The most obvious one is that the flute is smaller than the clarinet! Even though the flute and clarinet both belong to the woodwind family, they have a lot of differences. Read more about this week’s blog post about how the flute and clarinet are different from one another?

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