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Specifications of Buffet Bb Tosca Clarinets

Features of Buffet Bb Tosca Clarinets

The Buffet Crampon Tosca series has produced some of the most exquisite clarinets in the world. The Buffet Bb Tosca clarinet brings elegance, style, and imagination into one timeless woodwind instrument. The Tosca series was created in a huge collaborative effort between professional clarinetists, artists, musicians, and Buffet Crampon luthiers. Some of the notable people involved in this project include Paul Meyer, Romain Guyot, Michael Arrignon, Pascal Moragu¨s, and Guy Deplus. High-quality materials were used to produce the Tosca clarinet. And to ensure that it achieved the desired quality standards, the production process was also very advanced. The result was an incredibly functional instrument powered by many amazing features. Some of the special features in the Tosca Bb clarinets are:

·       Premium Green Line material

·       Two barrels allowing perfect intonation at either 440 or 442 Hz

·       Ergonomic key work

·       A low F correction key

·       Gore-Tex and cork pads

Tosca Bb clarinets showcase why Buffet Crampon is the leader of the clarinet industry. If you have ever played any Buffet-Crampon Bb clarinet, you know that it’s the true mark of quality. The Tosca Bb clarinets are designed and modified to suit the 21st century. These clarinets match the style and rhythm of the music in this modern age. And if you are wondering where you can buy one, Lisa’s Clarinet Shop has everything you need from Buffet Crampon. Just visit the company’s website to see for yourself and even to place an order. Before you buy any clarinet, you should always check the features and specifications. You want to ensure that you get what you expect. That is why you should pay special attention to the features and specifications. If you want to buy a Tosca Bb clarinet, here are a few features and specifications that you should check and confirm.


Tosca Bb clarinets are made from premium Grenadilla or Green Line composite material. Green Line material contains Grenadilla powder and carbon fiber. This material is very strong and durable. It can withstand cracking, warping, or shifting in changing weather conditions. The body, barrel, and bell of a Tosca clarinet re all made of Green Line composite.

Special Features

Buffet Crampon Tosca Bb clarinets have many special features to enhance the sound quality. They have an Eb lever and low F correction to help match with other instruments that are on the lower end of the register.  These woodwind instruments also feature raised C#/G# tone holes to increase music clarity and purity.

Other Features

The Tosca bb clarinet is rated artisan level with a silver-plated A key. It features undercut tone holes and Gore-Tex and cork pads. The clarinets have two barrels with a pitch of 440/442 Hz and the barrel size is 66 mm and 65 mm. The whole [package includes a case, HB ligature, and are products. One important thing to note about the Tosca Bb clarinet is that Buffet Crampon does not include a mouthpiece with this instrument. This is mainly because most clarinetists buying this particularly elegant instrument have their own personal preferences for mouthpieces. As such, Tosca Bb clarinets are priced and shipped without a mouthpiece.