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Saxophone Repair

Lisa’s Clarinet Shop specializes in mechanical overhauls, and total instrument restorations as well as personalized setups and custom key work. Our focus has always been on YOU as a player. Our shop philosophy is to approach each repair as a partnership with you to help you better your best. In that spirit, if you have a pad or resonator preference that you’d like us to use, we’re happy to help. Otherwise, we have a wealth of experience with what works best for different scenarios and we’re happy to make suggestions for you.


About Our Services

  • Below each service entry is a link to self-schedule your repair date.
  • Schedule your overhaul at least 7 business days in advance to ensure it arrives before the date.
  • We only work on one instrument at a time so your instrument will be our sole focus on your scheduled appointment day.
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  • We accept all major credit cards, checks, paypal and ACH transfers.
  • We guarantee our overhauls and playing condition work for 90 days from completion.

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Saxophone Overhauls

Student Alto, Tenor, Soprano $800.00

Student Baritone- $950.00

Pro Alto, Tenor, Soprano – $1500.00

Pro Baritone – $1800.00

Saxophone Playing Condition

Student Alto, Tenor, Soprano Playing Condition $250.00

Student Baritone- $350.00

Pro Alto, Tenor, Soprano Playing Condition- $500.00

Pro Baritone – $600.00

Our Overhaul Includes:

*Complete cleaning of instrument
*All pads replaced-Your choice of skin, cork or synthetic masters series pads
*Corks and bumpers replaced as needed
*All rods and screws will be tested to ensure free movement
*Soldering, if needed
*Minor dent Repair
* 6 month warranty for student instruments I 1 year warranty for professional instruments

A Playing condition Includes:

*Complete cleaning of instrument
*Replacing up to 6 pads, corks and felts as needed
*Replace corks and bumpers if needed
*Address frozen rods and screws as needed
*Fix broken springs and or spring work
*Replacing neck cork
*Oiling joints of mechanism as needed
*30 day warranty
However, if all of these were issues this will be a full overhaul.

Individual Services for Saxophone:

Neckcork $35.00
Pads $10.00-$30.00 each depending on size and type Re-round neck tenon $25.00
Solder keys (soft) $15.00 (w/spot lacquer add $10.00) Solder keys (silver) $25.00
Replace water key cork (bari) $6.00 Replace water key spring (bari) $8.00
Replace blue needle springs $9.00 each Straighten key guard $10.00 minimum repair
Tone hole repair $30.00 minimum repair Solder & adjust octave key $25.00 minimum charge
Neck pickup removal w/ flush plug $75.00 Neck Expansion/Contraction $35.00 minimum charge

By Quote Only:

Align bent body or bell Case repair Clean sticky pads and toneholes Cut out stuck hinge rods or stuck rollers
Damaged or worn tone holes Dent Removal Engraving Free binding keys
Key buffing Key fitting Refinishing Regulate
Remove stuck swab Replace rollers Straighten bent hinge rods Straighten bent keys

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