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We are proud of the quality work our clarinet master techs in training are capable of. Each of our techs, we hope, will become independent repair technicians in their respective communities. They are slow but doing excellent work and developing as fine craftspeople.

Lisa’s Clarinet Shop offers a significant discount for booking services with one of them while they are in training.

Service Offerings

Presently we offer both a $150 play condition (regularly $295) for a Bb or A clarinet as well as $300.00 for an overhaul (regularly $450-$750). (These prices include round trip shipping)

A play condition includes:

(fixing 3-4 issues which might include)
*Replacing up to 6 pads
*Replace corks and bumpers if needed
*Address frozen rods and screws as needed
*Fix broken springs
*Joint corks replaced as needed
* 30-day warranty
However, if all of these were issues this will be a full overhaul.


Our overhaul includes:

*Complete cleaning of the instrument
*Instrument will be swedged to maximum tolerances
*All pads replaced-Your choice of skin, cork or synthetic masters series pads
*Corks and bumpers replaced as needed
*All rods and screws will be tested to ensure free movement
*Joint corks replaced as needed
*Tone holes chips repaired
*Student instruments 6-month warranty I Professional Instruments 1 year warranty

Booking With a Master Technician in Training

  • Lisa’s Clarinet Shop will facilitate payment and shipping or delivery of your instrument fully insured to the nearest master tech in training.
  • We will also introduce you to them before they begin the work and make sure you are happy with their work afterward.
  • We guarantee their work for up to 30 days on play condition jobs and up to 6 months on an overhaul.

To schedule a repair consultation please submit your information here.