Vandoren B40 P88 Series 13


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Since 1905, Vandoren has reigned as one of the leading providers of top-notch clarinet mouthpieces, with a vast range of styles to satisfy players of all stripes. Vandoren mouthpieces are crafted from ebonite and exhibit a clear and articulate tonality that accentuates the sonic character of your instrument. Lisa’s Clarinet Shop i

s proud to offer Vandoren clarinet mouthpieces, a favorite among music educators and professional clarinetists alike. The Vandoren M13 CM4158 is a traditional-style mouthpiece for jazz and symphonic applications.

Note: Vandoren M13 series mouthpieces are specifically made for American clarinetists playing in A440 pitch. This model features Vandoren’s wider and longer Lyre profile and a Profile 88 beak, which has a steeper exterior break angle than traditional styles.


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