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SeriO: Low C Bass Clarinet- ClarO


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40% of those interested in our instruments want a bass that had more highs in the sound and that also will never crack. So we developed ClarO to fill the need for a slightly brighter shape of sound.

ClarO Bass clarinets come standard with a grenadilla blend body.

Each bass comes standard with a deluxe double case that includes both a shoulder strap and backpack. Additional items inside the case include a basic mouthpiece, ‘Rovner style’ fabric ligature, swab, polishing cloth, cork grease, and screwdriver. Our chamois style swabs will expand nicely inside the instrument and absorb all the moisture.

Additionally, each instrument we sell comes standard with a best in class 10 year warranty. We will replace any part that cracks within 10 years of the date of purchase. To learn more about our warranty go to:

Please select the color-rings™ you would like your new bass clarinet to have. You will notice that Claro basses have only one variation that incorporates the category Shape of Sound into its variations. The reason for this is that if you need a ClarO bass you are likely to already have a smooth or a big shape of sound.  Also, if you are new to bass, ClarO will be much easier to project on.


Instrument Specifications

    • Key :  Bb
    • Pitch : 440 Hz  
    • Body : Grenadilla Blend  
    • Bore : Cylindrical  
    • Neck: 2 part neck, fully adjusts for intonation
    • Key work finish: Heavy Silver Plate
    • Springs : Blue steel  
    • Pads :  Thin White Leather

Additional information


Base color: bright (red)- Color of sound: ringy (orange), Base color: bright (red)-Color of sound: sweet (pink), Base color: bright (red) -Color of sound: ringy (orange) and sweet (pink), Base color: bright (red) and dark(brown)-Color of Sound: ringy (orange), Base color: bright (red) and dark(brown)-Color of sound: sweet (pink), Base color: bright (red) and dark(brown)-Color of sound: ringy (orange) and sweet (pink), Base color: bright (red) and dark(brown)-Shape of Sound: big (purple)-Color of sound: ringy (orange)