Selmer Privilege Model 67 Low C Bass Clarinet Ser# P07xxx


This bass clarinet was among the debut Model 67’s that Selmer delivered to the 2006 International Clarinet Association Convention.  Selmer sought to reclaim its bass clarinet preeminence by introducing the Model 67 to discerning ICA members.  After playing it, two world famous bass clarinetists enthusiastically endorsed the selection of this particular instrument.  An outstanding characteristic is simply the ease of playing it.  The silver-plated keys glide under the fingers like water. The metal is strong and fluidly shaped.  It truly responds like an extension of the low register of a soprano clarinet.  G above the staff speaks without hesitation.  The altissimo notes immediately sing with a silky texture .  This bass clarinet is worthy of any performance venue and has only been played professionally in orchestras.

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