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Saxophone Repair Course Level 4



Prerequisite: Level 1, 2, 3 and 3 Day In Person Intensive

At this stage in your development as a master clarinet repair technician, you need to continue to increase your speed, refine your work and begin to routinely be paid for completed work. In Level 3 our goal is to place you with an existing master repair technician, close to where you live, if possible, who can spot check your work while you continue to learn from us. We expect renting a bench in the shop of a master technician should cost you around $500 a month.

Level 4 is compromised of 16 one-on-one lessons held once a week. It is a 4 month class. It is taught by Master Woodwind Repair Technician, Bruce Marking.

Levels 4 is driven by a short list of advanced topics. You will learn how to identify and repair dented tone holes, adjust key heights, and instrument intonation, perform repairs to dents, and learn best practices for repair pricing and guarantees


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