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Music For Good Membership


Music For Good



Music For Good provides education and resources for its members.

We provide virtual dollars for your participation in various ways. The virtual dollars you earn can be used towards reeds, barrels, bells, clarinets and instrument repairs for your studio, your school or your students through Lisa’s Clarinet Shop or its approved affiliate.

The way you earn virtual dollars is by:

  • Inviting us to a clarinet day to display and we accept and attend. ($200 virtual dollars)
  • Asking us to present to your clarinet section either in person or virtually. We can talk about reed care, mouthpiece and instrument selection and more. Just about anything they need to learn most about to succeed faster we are happy to tackle. ($100 virtual dollars)
  • Requesting product to be sent for trial with students (we absorb shipping fee’s both ways). ($50 virtual dollars)
  • Purchasing product through trials. ($75 virtual dollars for instrument purchases)
  • Showcasing your most talented students in a video you send to us so others can have a role model. ($25 virtual dollars- we will support up to 8)
  • Making a video where you talk about your career and how you developed it, lessons you learned and who helped you. ($25 virtual dollars)

For the pledge of  just $1.00  you will be enrolled and eligible to participate. 


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