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Music Adventurer Paper Clarinet Kit (without alto sax mouthpiece and reeds)


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Invented and inspired by Australian musician and instrument-maker Linsey Pollak, our Music Adventurer Paper Clarinet Kit comes with everything you need to start playing.* Discover the music within and your love for playing the clarinet with the paper clarinet!

*alto saxophone mouthpiece and reeds not included

The kit comes with everything you see pictured and includes:

(2) Pre-made paper clarinets

(1) PEX tube insert (to connect your mouthpiece to the instrument)

(1) PEX ‘Clarini’ (a sturdier, plastic version of the paper clarinet)

(5) A4 160gsm templates (to make your own paper clarinets)

(1) PEX tube (to roll your paper clarinets)

(1) Pair of scissors

(1) Roll of sellotape (selected and endorsed by the man himself, Linsey Pollak)

*Also included with your purchase is a Linsey Pollak tutorial video on how to make the paper clarinet, and three pre-recorded ‘jam’ tracks that you can use to get started with playing and jamming on your paper clarinets!


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