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Flute Repair Course Level 2


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Prerequisite: Successful Completion of Level 1

Our Level 2 Flute Repair course is designed for those who seek to refine their skills from Level 1 to build speed and earn income from repair.

Designed for private lesson teachers, musicians who want to learn more about the care and maintenance of their instruments, and for those exploring if becoming a master repair technician is a career option.

Building on the skills of the level 1 course, you will learn to do an economy overhaul of a open-hole flute and a clean, oil, adjust service of a piccolo

Based on four years on Zoom classroom teaching, feedback and surveys, we have refined our approach to learning instrument repair – We now utilise a work and your own pace style of learning. Leveraging the power of Canvas LMS to provide learning at a pace everyone can achieve, allowing our students to watch the video and written content, submit assignments and attend Live Classes, One on One Lessons and Work-alongs as scheduled on the Canvas calendar throughout the course intake.

Level 1 includes: 8 Live Classes, 4 Private Lessons, 4 Work-Alongs.

Live Classes are held on Zoom, where each session will be recorded

Private lessons you will schedule with your instructor

Work-Along time – Allows you to drop in and work at the same time as our master technicians and chat

Each course is taught by multiple instructors which gives you the opportunity to learn from some of the the industries best master repair technicians.

Our Level two courses take approximately 6 months to complete – you have up to 9 months to participate in the course and submit assignments working towards your certificate. The course content will always be available to you.

Enrolling in the a Course is Easy as our Enrolments are open for sign up in any of the listed months below and you can get started right away.

Open Enrolment Dates: Sign up for one of our course dates

January 2024
April 2024
July 2024
October 2024

Items used in the Level 2 course include all items purchased from Level 1 plus additional supplies as needed.

Last but not least, you will need to come with your own instruments to work on. 1x Open-Hole Flute + 1x Piccolo 


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