4 Private Lessons- Flute Level 1 Repair Jump Start



With our Flute Level 1 Repair Course Jump Start you will be off to the races ready to learn repair on ZOOM with one of our master technicians. Our instructors are our most successful graduates of our program.  They are masterful teachers and educators in their own right, and now are adding repair training to their roster of abilities. Master Woodwind Technician, Bruce Marking, is the head of our program, alongside flutist, and master woodwind repair technician, Christina Colston, from The Tuneful Tech.

What You Will Learn and Do:

In this short private lesson course, you will learn how to disassemble and assemble the foot joint and body of the flute, replace a flute head cork, and proper care and maintenance including cleaning and lubrication techniques. Other techniques to be demonstrated include changing and adjusting a flute pad, and flute key corks and bumpers. Building these skills will help you prep for an even sharper eye and attention to detail when our Level 1 class actually starts.

All of your lessons will be recorded and be made available to you.

In between your lessons, you can also participate in a zoom drop in with your instructor or other instructors, where you can chat while you work with them for an hour. They will be on the clock so it’s not a lesson, but an opportunity to buddy up and learn about the job and observe while you do work as well.

Enrollment is limited to only serious participants who wish to enroll in our next Level 1 class.

What The Class Includes:

  • You will receive (4) 1-hour-private-lessons to help you build your skills so you advance more quickly. Lessons are scheduled either 1 week or 2 weeks apart at most- to ensure you make progress and realize their benefit.
  • All the supplies you need to start that we can provide through the mail. The rest are items you may have at home or will need to buy at the hardware store.
  • This course also includes your $250 non-refundable deposit to take the next Level 1 class to hold a seat for you.


Starter Kit and Items You Need to Purchase in Advance

Items included in our Flute Repair Starter Kit:

(1) 5″ Flat-nose pliers for pulling rods/screws

  • (1) 1.5mm slotted woodwind screwdriver (for hinge rods)
  • (1) 2.5mm slotted woodwind screwdriver (for pivot screws)
(1) Spring hook
(1) Key oil – bottle
(1) Flute assembly board
(1) Sheet cork (1/16″)
(1) Natural sheet cork assortment
(1) Steel ruler in millimeters
(2) Flute head corks
(2) Flute trill key corks – round disk – cut into 1/4’s and glue to spatula

From Home Depot or your local hardware store you will need to purchase:

Razor Blades – single edge blades
Q-Tips – 1 large package
DAP Weldwood Contact Cement – 1 container
Small soft paintbrush or toothbrush (bristles don’t matter) – flat bristled brush
Emery cloth  – 240 grit (for sanding key corks)
Drumstick or wooden dowel rod (for removing old head cork for replacement)

More information about other supplies for techniques demonstrated will be provided in class.

Last but not least, you will need to come with your own instrument to work on! 


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