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Clarinet Repair Course Level 4


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Prerequisite: Level 1, 2, 3 and 3 Day In Person Intensive

At this stage in your development as a master clarinet repair technician, you need to continue to increase your speed, refine your work and begin to routinely be paid for completed work. In Level 4 our goal is to place you with an existing master repair technician, close to where you live, if possible, who can spot check your work while you continue to learn from us. We expect renting a bench in the shop of a master technician should cost you around $500 a month.

Level 4, like Level 3, is compromised of 16 one-on-one lessons held once a week dates and times TBD. It is a 4 month class.

Levels 3 and 4 are driven by a short list of advanced topics. You will learn how to repair cracks, replace vent tubes, address venting issues- key heights, undercut tone holes to improve pitch, fix chips in tone holes and correct other manufacturing errors. Level 3 can also include Eb and Bass Clarinet repair and tips and tricks for professional and student adjustments. You will be required in Level 3 to purchase undercutting tools. We also highly recommend you order Buffet’s tone hole refacer kit.


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