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Clarinet Repair Basics Class


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Purchase your supplies and you will be automatically enrolled in our FREE 2-week long online  clarinet repair basics course

In this short course, you will learn how to assemble and disassemble your clarinet, replace a bumper, key, or tenon cork, and discover how much you like doing repair.

Based on four years on Zoom classroom teaching, feedback and surveys, we have refined our approach to learning instrument repair – We now utilise a work and your own pace style of learning. Leveraging the power of Canvas LMS to provide learning at a pace everyone can achieve, allowing our students to watch the video and written content and attend Live Classes and Work-alongs as scheduled on the Canvas calendar throughout the course intake.

Basics class includes: 1 Live Class, 1 Work-Along.

Live Classes are held on Zoom, where each session will be recorded – These are typically held on the third week of each month. These are a masterclass style class to supplement your learning from watching the videos in the modules section

Work-Along time – Allows you to drop in and work at the same time as our master technicians and chat

Enrolling in the a Course is Easy as our Enrolments are open for sign up anytime.

While the course is free you will need supplies that you need to purchase locally and supplies we will provide.

From Home Depot or your local hardware store you will need to purchase:

Razor Blades – single edge blades
Denatured Alcohol – 1 can
Q-Tips – 1 large package
DAP Weldwood Contact Cement- 1 container
Small soft paintbrush or toothbrush (bristles don’t matter) – flat bristled brush
Emery cloth  – 240 grit (for sanding tenon corks)
Emery board – pack of 10, or similar (for sanding key corks)
Cigarette paper – OCB un-gummed, or any brand with gummed edge cut off

The rest of the items we will provide in our Clarinet Repair Starter Kit includes:

Hot melt glue sticks
Sheet cork, 1/16″ thick sheet
Sheet cork assortment (3.5″ x 1″ strips)
Alcohol lamp
Pliers, flat nose, smooth jaws
Screwdriver, 2mm flat head
Screwdriver, 3mm flat head
Spring Hook
Steel rule
Razor blades, GEM coated
Key oil, medium viscosity
Clarinet assembly board

Last but not least, you will need to come with your own instrument to work on! 

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