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Buffet R13 Greenline Bb Clarinet Silver 739xxx


Red, Pink, Brown

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The Buffet R13 clarinet has been the standard for professional and advanced student clarinetists. Using premium African black wood, R13 clarinets produce a colorful sound with excellent projection.

This model is produced in “Green-Line” material. Green-Line material has the same tonal performance as wood. It is made from Grenadilla powder (95%) and carbon fiber. The Grenadilla powder is obtained by crushing smaller left over pieces of Grenadilla into the dust. This helps eliminate wood that is otherwise wasted. The 2 materials are then pressure formed into the new Green-Line material. There are many benefits to this material. Foremost is the fact that the Green-Line material is stable and does not warp or shift with climate. The material also eliminates the risk of traditional cracks.

This is a sweet singing B-flat, with a nice depth of sound.

Every used clarinet purchased through Lisa’s Clarinet Shop is completely overhauled and professionally set up at no additional cost to you.  

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Red, Pink, Brown


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