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Buffet R13 Bb 1131M-5-0 Grenadilla Nickel Keys


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In 2021, Buffet-Crampon launched a special Mopane edition of their Divine, L?gende, Tosca and R13 clarinets. It was a limited run of a total of 85 instruments. In 2023, they released a production run of these instruments.

What do you think railway ties, agricultural tools and these new clarinet models have in common? Believe it or not, these three seemingly unrelated applications all benefit from the incredible resistance offered by Southern African mopane wood.

The mopane wood enhances each model with a more mellow and warmer sound.


  • Key: Bb and A
  • Pitch :440/442 Hz
  • Body: Mopane, Poly-cynlindrical Buffet Crampon bore, bell with metal ring
  • Keywork:17 keys and 6 rings, Adjustable thumbrest, Eb lever, Low F key correction, low E (option), Silverplated, R13: nickel silver (option), Highly reliable keywork, Metal O-rings pins, Blue steel springs
  • Pads :Bladder
  • Case :Black briefcase



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