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56 Rue Lepic Vandoren 10 Bb Clarinet Reeds #3.5+


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Vandoren’s 56 rue Lepic Bb Clarinet Reeds produce a warm, centered tone that resonates across the instrument’s range. Constructed from thicker cane and cut in the German style with a steep heel taper, these reeds generate a clarity and richness ideal for any             clarinetist, from students to professionals. Made in France by Vandoren, the 56 rue Lepic reeds are renowned for their quick response, stability, and round, resonant sound in all registers. With a diverse selection of strengths, Vandoren’s 56 rue Lepic reeds suit any style or setting.

  • Designed from thicker cane
  • Rich, centered, and extremely pure sound
  • Maximum stability in all registers
  • Quick response
  • Extraordinarily round and warm sound
  • Shipped in humidity-balanced packaging
  • Thickness at the tip: 0.0043″ (.11mm)
  • Thickness at the heel: 0.128″ (3.25mm)





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