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3-Day Training for Flute with Master Technician Christina Colston


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  1. Successful Completion of Level 1 Flute
  2. Enrollment in or completion of Level 2 Flute

Becoming a master technician requires developing your
hand-eye coordination as quickly as possible both for the benefit of learning and to build speed. An immersive in person experience will take you 50-70% of the way the being able to learn online at a more rapid rate, while also building speed.

If you are serious about making rapid progress as a master technician in training, in-person training will help tremendously.  While in-person training is not required to complete any Level 2 course, completing our 3-Day Intensive in Person Training is a pre-requisite for continuing your skills in the Master Level 3 & 4 Repair Technician course.  Before our 3-day immersive, we will set up a consultation to determine personalized learning objectives, which are based on your prior successes and challenges in the course.

About Master Technician Christina Colston

Christina is a flutist, repair technician and teacher who has a bachelors in Music Education from Southwest Oklahoma State University and Six Certifications to repair woodwind and brass instruments from the Colorado Institute of Musical Instrument Technologies (CIOMIT). She has been repairing woodwind instruments for 9 years and teaching how to repair for 4 years.

3 Day Intensive In Person Repair Training does not include the cost of travel, food and lodging


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