Our Why: raison d’être

You hardly elect when you are 17 years old, in tip-top clarinet shape, ‘winning’ competitions and prizes and being asked to play in professional orchestras as senior in college, to suddenly stop, pivot and focus on opening a clarinet shop. Or do you?

Look. Playing the clarinet is a labor of love. Or least it always has been one for me.

I believe music making is about togetherness. About sharing and collaboration. It’s about supporting and helping each other. It’s everything I describe in our Music for Good Manifesto honestly.

Lisa’s Clarinet Shop was founded on the belief that if more musicians would collaborate and help each other, we could change the world. Clarinetists and ‘wanna-be’s’ are some of the brightest most capable humans I have ever met or will know. I am in awe so often by your interests and capabilities. 

I run this shop because I believe it’s only fitting that we each are able to realize a dream to play more beautifully, and in the process, help others do the same. We need to lift the rest of our ailing world up, and learning to play the clarinet better, is certainly one way to. 

This is my raison d’être.

Your clarinet pal,