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Music For Good Manifesto

Let’s join hands together in the name of spreading the joy of music making. 

Music For Good Manifesto

We believe that learning to play a musical instrument is a profound journey that positively and uniquely changes us. When one learns to play a musical instrument it deepens our understanding of who we are and what we are capable of. This happens because learning to play a musical instrument requires, at a minimum, more flexibility, courage, tenacity, and curiosity from us. It requires a look within. And to grow these skills one must embark on a journey of handholding and support from our family, friends, peers, patrons, colleagues and instructors.

There are so many people who can benefit from what some of us already know about this journey of love and relentless pursuit and risk taking. 

As we walk on this path together, with others who have traveled on it before us, or who are just like us, or who just want to be like us, it teaches us to be more empathic and kind to ourselves and to others, equally, because no one succeeds at learning how to make beautiful music alone. We need each other to succeed.

Within a year of learning to play, we find ourselves with new strengths, new beliefs and new passions too.

When we open our hearts and minds to music making, we open ourselves up to new possibilities. And in return for doing so, we are gifted with greater discipline and empathy, with a renewed purpose towards our own lives, and with new friendships, we encounter on the path we share with so many others on a similar journey.

Everyone deserves to experience the power of music making. And by doing so, we find ourselves challenged to break down the barriers that divide us, which can lead to the greater good.

New growth spurs this kind of openness and desire for new understanding.

To your highest purpose and best musical self-friends.

Your clarinet pal,