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Music Adventurer for Clarinet Teachers

Help More People Come to Love the Clarinet As Much as You Do!

At Lisa’s Clarinet Shop we are on a mission to help adults fall in love with the clarinet through a 4 week music exploration course we have put together with Aussie master instrument maker, Linsey Pollak. Participants will learn how to play a paper clarinet and ‘jam’ on special music tracks Linsey has made for them. 

If participants continue, they will upgrade to a PEX ‘Clarini’ for 4 weeks with the ULTIMATE goal of offering them the chance to take private or group lessons with YOU online. (We will be offering a rental instrument or instrument to purchase. Or you can recommend them to your favorite music shop as well.)

Class Format:

Session 1: 4 weeks of paper clarinet class

Session 2: 4 weeks of PEX tube ‘Clarini’ class

For Teachers We Provide:  Training, your lesson plan which includes an engaging video for each class with Linsey, Training for teachers to teach the first 4 week course, Paper clarinet diagrams, tape, Pre-made “Clarini” and mouthpiece insert.

Big PLUS we manage all of the lesson bookings so all you have to do is add the lesson you are scheduled for to your calendar and show up for class.

Would you Like to Teach Paper Clarinet Class?

  1. What you will be paid: $25.00 per lesson for a total of 4- 40 minute lessons on Zoom online = $100 USD per course
  2. What you need to provide:  An excellent internet connection, and some familiarity to Zoom teaching (we will teach you the rest!). An alto saxophone mouthpiece, reed and ligature. (We will provide you with the rest!)
  3. When you will teach: We are running a pilot program. We are focused on looking for students who would want to take the class on Friday’s at 7,8, or 9pm central or Saturday’s at 4,5,7,8,9 Central. So you need to be available during these times.


To participate, you need to attend our next session on Friday November 6th,2020 at 7pm Mountain time. We will send you a calendar invite once you register.

To register to participate enroll here.