Meet Alice. She decided to buy a new clarinet and couldn’t be happier.


10 reasons why a better instrument will make your life

as an amateur musician better and richer.

  1. An instrument that fits you better than the one you have had for 20 years will allow you to instantly feel more creative and express yourself better.

  2. A newer instrument in proper mechanical adjustment will help you realize you play much better than you think you do.

  3. We will help you find the perfect instrument. We fit instruments to musicians at every stage of musical development. We do it exceptionally well.

  4. Everyone who works at Lisa’s Clarinet Shop is a professional clarinetist. We offer expert level advice..

  5. We sell top-quality instruments:

    • Buffet-Crampon

    • GetSeriO (an affordable professional line of clarinets created by Lisa Canning).

  6. Lisa’s Clarinet Shop has a 40 year+ history of selling clarinets and servicing professional woodwind instruments.

  7. We offer excellent repair and maintenance services you can rely on.

  8. We sell both new and used instruments.

  9. We send several hand selected professionally set-up instruments out to try at a time on trial.

  10. We are easy to do business with.

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