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Would you like to take your career — and life — to the NEXT level?


Earn additional income. Offer added value to your district. Learn something new.

Why not learn to repair the instruments you teach in band?

It could add $10,000 or more per year to your income.

It’s a proven way to earn significant extra income in just a few hours a week.

Why send simple repair work to someone else, when you could handle it yourself and increase participation in the classroom and engagement with students? 



We’ll teach you how to repair online.

Learning to repair instruments with us online is unlike other options. We’re not a fast, high-pressure workshop or online video. We connect you with master repair teachers in a low pressure environment. You learn at your own pace with experts who care.

In just a few sessions, you’ll learn all you need to know to be able to repair instruments for your students. Everything you need to handle the repairs is included in the course package.


Course Dates & Time

  • June 18, 25, July 2, 9- FLUTE
  • July 16, 23, 30 August 6-CLARINET
  • August 13, 20, 27 September 3- SAXOPHONE
  • 9am-10:30am Mountain Time


Are you interested in earning $10,000 per year or more and serving your students, and district better in just a few hours a week?

Simply tell us how to contact you, and a friendly and helpful repair expert will get back to you with more information about the courses and to answer your questions.

 What are you waiting for? Take your music career and life to the next level today!