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Everything You Need To Know About The Buffet Bb Tradition Clarinet

Professional Buffet Bb Clarinets

Clarinets are produced for specific players on the skill and experience ladder. We have clarinets that are designed and marketed to student clarinetists. We also have intermediate level clarinets for semi-professional clarinetists. You also have to note that some instruments in the intermediate level are suitable for entry-level semi-professionals and others are for advanced semi-professionals. Finally, we have clarinets for professionals. Buffet Crampon clarinets are very popular among professional clarinetists. This is mainly because these woodwind instruments are made of premium materials through very advanced production techniques. Many Buffet Bb clarinets have been produced over the years. The most popular Buffet Bb clarinets among professional clarinetists are:

·       Buffet Bb Tradition

·       Buffet Crampon R-13

·       Buffet Bb Tosca Series

·       Buffet Bb Divine

·       Buffet Bb Festival

·       Buffet Bb Crampon Légende

These are among the top brands in the professional clarinet market. Very few music shops carry all these top-class Buffet clarinets. One of the few dealers of all these instruments is Lisa’s Clarinet Shop in the United States. You can order any of these clarinets from this shop and it will be delivered in a few days.

The 30+-year-old shop specializes in the sale of high-quality Buffet Bb clarinets. The Buffet Bb R13 clarinet is one of the most enduring and remarkable professional clarinets. It’s very popular among professional clarinetists. Another highly popular clarinet is the Buffet Bb Tradition. This instrument has been lauded by artist, musicians, and reviewers across the industry. Today you are going to learn all you need to know about this exquisite instrument.

Research And Development

The Buffet Bb tradition is collaboration between American and French artists. The research and development that went into the design and production of this incredible instrument was a joint project between two highly professional and passionate teams. The American team comprised of artist like Burt Hara, Victoria Luperi, Jonathan Gunn, Gregory Raden, and Mark Nuccio. The French team featured dedicated artists like Paul Meyer, Nicolas Baldeyrou, and Michel Arrignon. All these artists came together and combined their knowledge and experience acquired through many years of playing in orchestras and also in solo performances to create a dynamic instrument. The Buffet Bb Tradition combines the best of both worlds and the results are unbelievable.


The Buffet Bb Tradition was inspired by a pre-1950s design combined with modern musical leanings. The instrument gives you an authentic original design that adapts to modern musical performances and acoustics. Many professional clarinetists have praised the Buffet Bb Tradition calling it a revolutionary musical influence.

Features & Sound Quality

One of the most unique features of the Buffet Bb Tradition is its cylindrical bore. The instrument features a cylindrical bore design, which makes it a perfect addition to the RC and R13 clarinet families. The cylindrical bore enables the Buffet Bb Tradition to produce a very pure sound to the level of the BC20. The instrument also features a tone hole placement borrowed from the Tosca design. All these innovative design features create a clarinet that produces a very rich and clear sound that suits any acoustic presentation. This instrument also plays on an even scale that enables consistent intonations when moving throughout the registers.