Get Serious About Playing The Clarinet with Serio

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If you care about playing better or helping others play better with professional quality instruments at a price that anyone can afford, then please check out SeriO. It’s our brand new line of Bb, A’s, Eb’s and Bass clarinets. The Bb’s, A’s and Eb’s are all $2500.00 and the Bass to low Bb is $5500.00. We expect an all wood model to roll out very soon.

Our first two models are Oscuro and Claro. They are based on an Buffet R13 style of instrument which has a less complex but mature shape of sound. Learn more about our color-ring™️ system to pick the perfect color and shape of sound.

We are proud of the work we have done to improve these instruments, proud of their price point, and proud of how many players we have already helped improve. Having sold them under the Royal Musical Instrument Brand name for over 2 years, these are the next generation of instruments that have been improved upon based on all that we learned.

They are available for trial to teachers and schools through our Music for Good program if you are interested. If you have questions please don’t hesitate to ask!  Just email me at lisa @

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