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At Lisa’s Clarinet Shop we are all about building your portfolio career which might mean starting your own business and building a team around you so you can better support your customers. Regardless of if you’re an instrument dealer, accessory retailer, ambassador for Lisa’s Clarinet Shop, or instrument repair service provider, your customers are what make the cash register work!  While you might be your only employee at first, if you want to grow your business—and maybe even hit the “big time”—you’ll likely need employees to grow your sales. And it starts with you! Are you a good boss? Futurist and management consultant Simon Sinek has a TedTalk on this topic that’s 11-minutes worth. It boils down to this: your job is to help your employees perform at their best, stay motivated and succeed.

For example, if you set sales quotas, your job is to help them reach those goals. Do you invest in advertising to support their efforts? Have you given them the training, knowledge and materials they need to perform at a high level?

Are there incentives to get referrals or provide other value-added benefits to your business? If the answer to any or all of these questions is no, you have some work to do! Knowledge is power… Successful bosses not only know themselves they also know their customers. Understanding their wants and desires and giving your team the tools to satisfy these factors leads to sales and, in a well-run business, profits. Marketing research, including good old-fashioned communication and engagement, should give you deep insight and knowledge of who your customers are, their demographics such as age, geography, education level and income. This information is crucial in the development and implementation of marketing measures to support sales. Online is mandatory If you have a regular business. Make sure you have a solid online presence.

This LinkedIn article outlines five important reasons to have a strong online presence:

  • Better visibility • Increased confidence • Better customer service • Increased brand awareness • Cost effective advertising

If you are not tech savvy, don’t worry. There are several resources at your disposal.

Website builders like Wix offer templates and intuitive tools to help beginners create great websites. Setting up social media channels is just as easy. YouTube offers countless videos on building your online presence and implementing social media. Additionally, there are agencies and individuals that specialize in creating an online presence.

Finally, visiting Fiverr gives you access to freelancers who can help with any important task at a reasonable price. Let’s face it, building a successful business in the music industry is an ongoing effort that requires awareness, effort, creativity, adaptability and patience. But if you love music, it’s worth it, right?

We think so at Lisa’s Clarinet Shop which is why we launched an Ambassador Program to teach you the skills you need to be successful in the music business.