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Customer-centric companies, like Lisa’s Clarinet Shop, have a culture dedicated to meeting all their customers’ needs. They ensure that all aspects of the business make customer satisfaction their primary concern. Customer-centric companies build close relationships with their customers and are deeply invested in their customers’ success. Customer orientation is not just a PR stunt. In fact, it can be critical to the success of your business to build your products and services around the needs, wants and desires of your customers.

When your customer succeeds using with your products and services, you have scored a home run! HubSpot Research found that 70% of growing revenue companies say customer success using those products and services is “very important” to their endorsement and return as a customer in the future as well.  Although it may sound simple, building a customer-centric business is no easy task. Customers needs are constantly evolving and keeping up with constant change can sometimes feel overwhelming in the music business with ever changing tastes and interests.

Before you can dive into building a customer-centric business, you need to come up with a strategy. It’s important to be clear about who your target audience is and what their needs are – otherwise your strategy will be wrong. This stage requires conducting market research and mapping the customer journey. Once these aspects are defined, you can develop a strategy that delights and keeps customers coming back for more.

Success strategy: Deliver personalized experiences. If you want to make your customers happy, it doesn’t cut it to one size. Customer centricity requires you to tailor the experience to their individual needs. This is why nailing your audience is so important. Without a clear understanding of who you serve, your strategy is doomed.

Prioritize customer feedback. Consider customer feedback and make changes as needed. If they raise concerns or report errors, try to reduce friction. Not only will this help you get sales, but it will build customer loyalty.

Let your employees go the extra mile. In addition to creating products that customers love, great customer service affects how your customers perceive your brand. Make it easier for employees to find customer solutions instead of creating constraints.

We hope this article has given you some idea of how to create an added revenue stream to your portfolio career.