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Maintenance Tips: How to Extend the Life of a Clarinet Reed

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The most essential and most fragile part of the clarinet is the reed. Reeds are made of cane, a plant similar to bamboo. (There are synthetic reeds available for purchase; the rest of this post addresses cane reeds.) Many different companies make and sell reeds, and it is even possible to make them at home. […]

How to Choose a Clarinet Mouthpiece

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Choosing a clarinet mouthpiece can be a difficult task. The selection process can be different for each player since every person has a different sound conception. Each person’s physical makeup is unique – different teeth and jaw structures, shape of oral cavities, size of mouth, and lips. There are two design characteristics that affect how […]

Comprehensive Guide: How to Clean and Maintain a Clarinet

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As musicians, we always need to take preventive measures to make sure that our instruments are in top shape. Lack of clarinet care can often lead to larger and more expensive repairs that could have been prevented with individual care and maintenance. Proper care and preventive measures are essential to make sure your instrument is […]

Clarinet Fingering Chart

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For a beginner just picking up a clarinet for the first time, an intermediate player seeking improvement, or an advanced player looking for alternate fingering possibilities, a fingering chart is an essential resource to have available. The following guide starts on the lowest note that can be produced on a Boehm-system (French system) clarinet and […]

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