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Why Buffet-Crampon and SeriO Clarinets

Serio grey logo translucentI sell Buffet- Crampon and SeriO instruments because I have found that they offer the flexibility and agility to make music at any level and equally have mechanical integrity.

Many expensive clarinets in the market these days are lacking in mechanical integrity making them not nearly as reliable either of the brands we sell.

Our Trial Policy

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How do I know if it’s time to get a new clarinet?

Upgrading your instrument, and knowing when you need to, is an important step to improving your playing. Here is how you know it’s time to.

We love Clarinets for Conservation and Grenadilla Wood.

Clarinets for Conservation promotes awareness of conserving Mpingo–commonly referred to as African Blackwood or Grenadilla–by actively engaging students and the community with the power of music. Teaching secondary students in Tanzania to play the clarinet empowers them by improving problem-solving skills, facilitating self-sufficiency, and by providing a healthy creative outlet.

Founded in 2010, Clarinets for Conservation provides an interdisciplinary approach to sustainability through music education. The tree is of great value to artists, furniture makers, and hardwood carvers all over the world, but the high demand has threatened future sustainability of the tree. Students of the program serve a vital role in educating their families and community members about the importance of protecting natural resources.

Students and C4C teachers take part in innovative interdisciplinary performances/tree plantings throughout Tanzania to help connect the clarinet and the tree it is made of, Mpingo, with the community–therefore fostering a sincere desire for a sustainable future.