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We would love to help you find the right instrument to fit your playing needs. In order to serve you best, we need a few things from you.

If you are coming to the shop to try clarinets

If you are coming to the shop to try clarinets the only thing we need is for you to come with your instrument and some music you are prepared to play. It helps if you have reeds you like so that we don’t spend our time trying to find a reed that works well enough to try clarinets.

If we will send you clarinets through the mail

(This is what the vast majority of our customers do.)

First, we would like to speak with you over the phone to hone in on exactly how you will be using your instrument and what you are looking for. In some cases it may be helpful for you to send an email describing what you are looking for until we arrive at two or three instruments that we think will be best for you.

Once we determine what will help you sound and play your best, we will then send them to you for a trial period of two weeks. After that time, we will discuss any other details.

In addition to the phone call and emails, patience may be required because our selection process is often time more art than science. Sometimes what you need requires some time to deliver. Not every flavor of instrument is available all of the time. Other times it is readily available. We go to Buffet often and try a lot of instruments, however sometimes, after trying many instruments, there may not be one that is exactly right for you. Our goal is to fit you with the best instrument for your unique playing style.

When you begin your selection process, it would be ideal if you could place the order 30-60 days prior to when you really would like the instrument. By doing this, we can ensure that we will provide you with the exact level of service you deserve to play your best.

Most orders are filled within one to three weeks, but by planning further ahead, we are able to provide the optimum service and you will receive the best clarinet for you! Even if you don’t have a long advance time, we are truly devoted and committed to serving your needs as a musician.