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Instrument Setup

What sets Lisa’s Clarinet Shop apart from the others is that, for more than four decades, I have worked closely with master level repair technicians in the set up of each new clarinet.  I know how to work with a technician to resolve intonation problems, sleuth complex technical problems that are causing voicing and resistance challenges that are not inherent in the instrument, and pretty much every other technical problem that most professional clarinetists and sales people have no idea can be solved. My abilities are an integral part of the success I have in matching the perfect instrument to its musician. Because every instrument is unique, even coming from the factory, each one will have different mechanical needs and challenges. The work we do to each instrument varies and is specific to each instrument as a result.

Our philosophy is to work until the clarinet has reached our playing and tuning expectations. Only then will we release the instrument for trial. The ability to find the right clarinet for so many musicians is a result of 40 years of experience mechanically and acoustically adjusting clarinets. Due to this experience, the right clarinets go home with the right musicians and produce magical results 99% of the time. So please understand when I say we are the best its because the experience level we have is not at all easy to match.

However, something important to know, is that we are not overhauling the clarinet. The pads we use and the work we do is designed to allow you to hear what the clarinet you select is truly capable of. An overhaul is something to consider, anytime in the first year, to have the instrument set up to your particular tastes and criteria. You may have a preference for pads, key heights and spring tensions that only in time will be revealed to you.

If you would like more information about overhauling an instrument feel free to contact me to discuss further or contact the repair techs I work with directly.