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How do I know when it’s time to get a new Clarinet?

Based on my 40 years of experience helping others sound and play their best, if any of the following below describe you its time to buy a new clarinet; or at least contact me and I will explain in greater detail why your moment to upgrade has arrived.

Top 20 Situations That Warrant Your Serious Consideration to Buy a New Clarinet

1. You have played the clarinet for 2-3+ years on a plastic, second hand or old instrument.

2. You purchased an instrument and bought the first one, or close to the first one you tried.

3. Your instrument is over 15 years old.

4. You make a living playing the clarinet and your instruments is more than 10 years old.

5. You play in a symphony orchestra and your instrument is more than 5 years old.

6. Your instrument has cracked several times.

7. Your instrument belonged to a family member and was given to you.

8. The instrument you have is constantly having mechanical problems and is often in and out of the shop.

9. Your playing seems to not be evolving and progressing, yet you practice regularly and love to play the clarinet.

10. Your instrument does not play in tune with itself.

11. Your Bb and A are not made by the same manufacturer.

12. The sound your instrument makes does not please you.

13. The amount of effort it takes to blow into the instrument is too little or too much for you.

14. You get a fuzzy, bright or too dark or dull sound on the instrument you have and it does not feel flexible.

15. You have upgraded your mouthpiece recently and cannot find any reeds you like any longer.

16. You have purchased a barrel recently and still are having pitch problems or still don’t like how you sound on the instrument you own.

17. Your clarinet cracked and you executed the warranty and one part of your clarinet was completely replaced.

18. You don’t own a professional grade instrument and want to improve.

19. Your clarinet sat in the closet for 5+ years, you overhauled it and have been playing it ever since.

20. Need one more reason? How about just because you are worth having the very best instrument, at any age, at any skill level, to enjoy sounding and playing your best?

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