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Here’s what our customers have to say!

Everyone I emailed from Lisa’s were all extremely kind and informative. Jerry gave me the best idea of what I may want to look for. They sent me three Buffet Festivals to try and I have found my new professional clarinet that will hopefully last me a long time! They were also extremely kind to my family as my family initially reached out in order to help me find somewhere to get a new instrument. Jerry, Michael, and Heather were in contact with me the entire time and made sure that the process was going well and made sure to listen to anything I had to say about any of the instruments.

Mckenzie Eversoll

I can’t thank the professionals that work for Lisa’s Clarinet Shop enough! What an outstanding experience it was to work with them! From the moment I clicked on their link I was greeted with friendly interaction and the MOST helpful advice. Jerry listened attentively to what I was looking for and found the PERFECT instrument for me at a very reasonable price and I couldn’t be happier. His advice on clarinet mouthpieces was so helpful and his choices for my trial resulted in my finding the perfect combination of clarinet and mouthpiece. I highly recommend Lisa’s Clarinet Shop for expert advice and guidance in all of your clarinet needs!

Staci Whitman
I went looking for a Bb clarinet somewhat skeptical about the colored ring system.  I remember talking to Lisa before I tried instruments at Lisa’s Clarinet Shop and after Lisa heard me play, she had a pretty good idea of what instrument I would walk out with (red-brown and the model).  I think I tried every clarinet she had available and selected three clarinets that I felt could best fit me.  I had asked Lisa not to tell me what color the rings were when I tried each instrument to “test the system.”  Low and behold, when I looked, the three instruments I had selected were all red-brown.  The model that fit me best, an RC Prestige, was not a model I had even considered but tried on the suggestion of Lisa.  Trusting Lisa and the color ring system allowed me to find an instrument I NEVER would have been able to find on my own but IS the perfect instrument for me. I have seen first-hand from my own purchase how well the color ring system works.
Dr. Pamela Shuler
Assistant Professor of Clarinet, Eastern New Mexico University

Whenever I am in the market for finding a clarinet for myself or one of my students, I know I can count on Lisa for the best service and selection. She offers outstanding customer service, a personal expertise in the selection of the finest clarinets available, and an overwhelming commitment to customer satisfaction. Her pledge of excellence is further exemplified by the fact that she exclusively sells Buffet Crampon clarinets – the cornerstone of fine craftsmanship. There is no doubt in my mind that Lisa’s Clarinet Shop is the place where you will find the best instrument to help you achieve your best musical voice!

Diane Barger
Professor of Clarinet, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

I have known Lisa Canning for well over 20 years – and in that time I have seen a brilliant businesswoman, an entrepreneur, a superbly accomplished clarinetist, and a person with a drive and determination rarely seen. Lisa’s Clarinet Shop is, in essence, the ONLY place in the entire Chicago metropolitan area to purchase a clarinet – and to feel confident that the instrument has been hand picked and serviced by Lisa. All my clarinets – Eb, C, Bb, A, and Bass were purchased from Lisa – and I could not be more pleased with the quality and service that accompanied all my horns.

Ralph Wilder
Principal Clarinet, Evanston Symphony Orchestra,  Adjunct Professor of Clarinet, North Park University

I have been doing business with Lisa (Argiris) Canning for 20 years and I can’t recommend her skills highly enough. I have purchased all my clarinets through her for the past two decades, as have most of my students. I have always been thrilled with her ability to pick out clarinets for both myself and my students and wouldn’t consider going anywhere else.

Jennifer Gerth
Principal Clarinet, Duluth-Superior Symphony Orchestra, faculty University of St. Thomas, Augsburg College

When one is investing a great deal of money in the purchase of a professional level clarinet, it is great to have someone knowledgeable of the clarinet, and professional in their dealings in selecting and shipping several clarinets to you for approval. Working with Lisa Canning in selecting my Buffet Tosca clarinet was an outstanding experience; I would strongly recommend her to anyone in the market for a new instrument.

David Twombley
Adjunct Professor, Graceland University, Iowa All-State Band Auditor

During the more than 20 years that I have done business with Lisa she has always provided the highest quality service. She has hand-picked clarinets for me and my students–always asking what we want in the instrument, and always seeming to find it.

Kathleen Jones
Professor of Clarinet, Conservatorio de Música de Puerto Rico,and Principal Clarinetist, Orquesta Sinfónica de Puerto Rico

I have been purchasing my clarinets exclusively from Lisa’s Clarinet Shop for several years now. She carries the highest quality clarinets and has an unique ability to select instruments that match my individual playing style. Her service is second to none: she is professional, efficient and provides expert advice and guidance not only at the time of purchase, but after the sale as well. She stands behind every instrument she sells. I recommend Lisa’s Clarinet Shop most highly.

Jan Halloran, Clarinetist
Portland Symphony, Faculty Dartmouth College

On Lisa Canning’s Clarinet Shop: In the past 20 years, I have never recommended my students go anywhere else for their new or used Buffet clarinets. Lisa’s expertise as a professional clarinetist, product knowledge, attention to detail and second-to-none customer service makes my job of preparing the next generation of clarinetists so much easier and rewarding for everyone involved!

Cindy Nichols
Retired Artists Faculty-University of Nebraska

I discovered Lisa’s Clarinet Shop when purchasing a clarinet for my teenage son. We are located in North Carolina, far from Lisa’s office in Chicago. Any initial hesitancy I had about purchasing an instrument from an out of state vendor disappeared after our first phone conversation. Lisa explains everything, conducting an instrument selection and purchase process that is stress free and just makes sense. My son is very happy with his clarinet, chosen from several that were recommended, and Lisa has remained responsive in helping us resolve any questions or issues that surfaced after the sale. It has been a fantastic experience! I can recommend Lisa’s Clarinet Shop with no hesitation.

Kevin Perveiler

Doing business with Lisa Canning of Lisa’s Clarinet Shop was a truly wonderful experience.  I have had the pleasure of knowing Lisa for many years. As an excellent clarinetist herself, she has  keen insight regarding the needs of professional clarinetists. I love the instrument I purchased from her.  Not only  did she select amazing instruments for me to try, but she had them regulated so that I could really get a clear indication of what the horns were capable of.   She also gave a few notes on each instrument regarding their strengths and I found her comments to be helpful and  spot on.   In short, Lisa is a tremendous business person who is  willing to go the distance to please the customer.  She knows what quality and integrity  are all about and she  has my highest recommendation.  It is a pleasure to recommend her to my students and colleagues!

Caroline Hartig
Professor of Clarinet, The Ohio State University

Lisa has an unsurpassed ability to choose the cream of the clarinet crop. I and my students are grateful recipients of her expertise.

Dr. Bonnie Campbell
Merit School of Music

Lisa Canning is in a class by herself when it comes to selecting first class Buffet clarinets. My school has ordered several clarinet from bass to Eb clarinets and they have all been exceptional. I recommend Lisa for all your Buffet clarinet needs. You will not be disappointed.

Adam Myers
Professor of Woodwinds, Tyler Junior College

Lisa Canning provides a wonderful service for the clarinet community-world wide. Her professionalism and care in selecting instruments to fit each players individual playing preferences is unsurpassed. Lisa Canning has always sent me and my students first rate instruments. Thanks Lisa.

Richard Nunemaker
Houston Symphony Orchestra

I have been extremely pleased with the excellent products and services I’ve gotten from Lisa. I bought my last five Buffets from her, including clarinets in Bb, A, Eb, C, and Bass Clarinet. I recommend her without reservation!

Bruce Currie
Freelance Clarinetist

I believe Lisa’s Clarinet Shop is the best place to find a first class clarinet. Lisa is an excellent clarinetist herself, so she knows a good clarinet when she plays one. I am now playing on A and B-flat Buffet R-13’s that I got from Lisa, and am very happy with them both. I recommend her shop to my students, and to anyone who wants to find a really fine clarinet.

William Rappaport
Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

We live in California and didn’t expect The professional clarinet purchase experience through shipping. Lisa selected three great Buffet clarinets. My daughter and her teacher selected one. Other two are also amazing good ones and we suggested our close friend daughter to try two. She picked one of two. Selecting instrument is not easy always. Lisa’s selection is simply a great start for the process. And she is very easy to communicate and always reply to email very very quickly. Highly recommend Lisa for highend clarinet purchase.

Sanghoon Choi

I believe that Lisa’s Clarinet Shop is THE place to go for all your clarinet needs. I just bought a wonderful RC Prestige E-flat clarinet from Lisa and it is clear that she truly cares about the success of her customers. She is not only a consummate professional, but a wonderful person.

Joseph Weber
Substitute/Extra Clarinet at Omaha Symphony Orchestra

I recently bought my first new A clarinet from Lisa’s Clarinet Shop. Only a little while after I submitted an online questionnaire, inquiring to try out a few A clarinets — ding! — Lisa was already reaching out to me via email to talk about my playing needs! I felt highly cared for throughout the entire process, and received three wonderful clarinets in the mail to try out over the course of two weeks. It was so hard to choose the right one, but I am confident that Lisa’s expertise helped me find the absolute best clarinet for me. If you are looking to buy, if your child is begging for one, if your student is needing one — go to Lisa’s! You will never be disappointed.

Renee Ann Pflughaupt
Clarinetist and Orchestra Manager at Lincoln Symphony Orchestra

Lisa Canning’s commitment to excellence, as well as her competitive pricing, makes her indispensable in choosing the best Buffet clarinets. She is extraordinarily gifted in matching clarinets to personalities, whether it is for performers, teachers or students. I not only use Buffet clarinets in the St. Louis Symphony that Lisa has chosen, but I encourage my colleagues and students to work with her as well.

Diana Haskell
Assistant Principal Clarinet/Eb St Louis Symphony

Doing business with Lisa Canning of Lisa’s Clarinet Shop was a truly wonderful experience. I have had the pleasure of knowing Lisa for many years. As an excellent clarinetist herself, she has keen insight regarding the needs of professional clarinetists. I love the instrument I purchased from her. Not only did she select amazing instruments for me to try, but she had them regulated so that I could really get a clear indication of what the horns were capable of. She also gave a few notes on each instrument regarding their strengths and I found her comments to be helpful and spot on. In short, Lisa is a tremendous business person who is willing to go the distance to please the customer. She knows what quality and integrity are all about and she has my highest recommendation. It is a pleasure to recommend her to my students and colleagues!

Mark Jance