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Clari-Trade: Trade or Consign?

Do You Have a Professional Level Buffet Clarinet to Sell or Trade? We would be happy to assist you in finding a buyer for your used instrument. Regularly, we have teachers, students, or their parents inquire about used instruments as an option to save some money so chances are great we can help you find it a new home. What We Need to Sell Your Clarinet: First, we will need a detailed description of the professional clarinet you’d like to sell. You can submit your inquiry below. Be sure to include the serial number and year it was made and your history with the instrument. If you know what you want the instrument to sell for, please include that as well; otherwise, we can discuss it together. Once we have received your email, we will discuss if the clarinet you want to sell is a match for any of our clients. What Kinds of Used Instruments Do I Want to Sell? We are interested in selling used Bb’s, A’s, Eb’s, C’s, D’s and Bass Clarinets. Used Buffet clarinets, that have never cracked, usually sell very quickly. Any clarinet that is cracked will sell for significantly less and take longer to sell. Professional clarinets are the only type of used instruments we resell. They must be in perfect mechanical condition or you will need to expect us to put it into that level of condition and deduct it from the price. The level of its mechanical condition must meet our standards as our customers have come to expect a very high quality level from Lisa’s Clarinet Shop. Instruments that are in excellent mechanical condition however, usually sell more quickly and command a higher price. Our expert repair technician will look over the clarinet. If the clarinet requires repair, we will notify you before the work is done. If you choose to go forward with the repair, the cost will be deducted from the selling price once the clarinet is sold. We offer two ways for you to trade a clarinet through Lisa’s Clarinet Shop, that we will choose between at our discretion.

Two Ways to Consign your Used Instrument with Lisa’s Clarinet Shop

The first is on consignment with commission. Send us a professional model Bb, A, Eb, C, D or Bass Clarinet you wish to sell and we will work to sell it at the highest possible price. If we feel it will be hard to sell because of its condition, or because it is an expensive instrument with a limited audience, we may ask to take it on consignment with commission. Our commission is 25% plus the cost of repair if needed. You are paid through either Paypal (without fees) or through bill pay when the clarinet sells (takes 2 weeks to be delivered to you). The second is on consignment without commission. On select instruments that are in high demand, we will take any your professional Buffet clarinet directly on trade for a new instrument you purchase through us. You will be responsible for paying for the new instrument in full and when the old one sells will receive 100% of the price it was sold for.  The only clarinet we will take on trade is a Buffet. We rarely accept instruments that have been cracked and been pinned as a consignment without commission, or instruments that are more than 15 years old. We might accept them on consignment with commission however.  We also take older instruments, and those with plating problems due to acidic reactions from your skin. My price for your instrument will be based on the highest possible selling price the market will bear, less the cost of any repair if needed.

Ready to consider consignment with us? Complete our