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2 Ways to Purchase a New Instrument

With so many of the shops today offering no set up work on new Buffet’s- and others charging $1000 or more to do custom work- there have never been more options in the marketplace as to what best suits your needs.

As such we have decided to offer two different levels of service this year with a new instrument purchase.

The first is our hand selected service with no additional set up work- straight from our selection at Buffet to you for the standard Buffet price you would pay through their showroom or from any dealer. The advantage here of course is we are picking out the instruments for you and are known for being able to match them to your playing needs.

The second is all of the first and our additional magic set up for an additional cost of between $250.00- $500.00 depending on the customization. We have never felt making you buy into our professional overhaul was a good decision as geographically it might not work well for you working with our shop from a long distance. Of course, we are happy to have you select an unserviced instrument and then overhaul it with us always.  However, if you choose instead our standard set up work will indeed extend the need for an overhaul or additional work to your instrument for some time and improve its mechanics, tuning and fluidity.

As always, you can try an mix of instrument from us which include not set up and additional set up. In the end, the decision is still yours what you prefer and what will work best for you.