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Lisas Clarinet Shop

The Buffet R13 Bb Prestige 1133-2 is a popular choice to upgrade to among advancing professionals. 

Buffet R A

When it comes to choosing an A clarinet, the Buffet R13 A clarinet is by far the most popular.

Lisas Clarinet Shop

The BAM Double Trekking Style Case is both lightweight and offers the best protection for your instruments. 

buffet crampon bass clarinet

The Buffet 1193-2 Low C Buffet Bass Clarinet offers the most flexibility in color and shape of sound, serving a broad range of musical styles. 


Diana Haskell

Lisa Canning’s commitment to excellence, as well as her competitive pricing, makes her indispensable in choosing the best Buffet clarinets. She is extraordinarily gifted in matching clarinets to personalities, whether it is for performers, teachers or students. I not only use Buffet clarinets in the St. Louis Symphony that Lisa has chosen, but I encourage my colleagues and students to work with her as well.

Diana Haskell / Assistant Principal Clarinet/Eb St Louis Symphony

I believe Lisa’s Clarinet Shop is the best place to find a first class clarinet. Lisa is an excellent clarinetist herself, so she knows a good clarinet when she plays one. I am now playing on A and B-flat Buffet R-13’s that I got from Lisa, and am very happy with them both. I recommend her shop to my students, and to anyone who wants to find a really fine clarinet.

William Rappaport / Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

I have been extremely pleased with the excellent products and services I’ve gotten from Lisa. I bought my last five Buffets from her, including clarinets in Bb, A, Eb, C, and Bass Clarinet. I recommend her without reservation!

Bruce Currie / Freelance Clarinetist

Lisa Canning provides a wonderful service for the clarinet community-world wide. Her professionalism and care in selecting instruments to fit each players individual playing preferences is unsurpassed. Lisa Canning has always sent me and my students first rate instruments. Thanks Lisa.

Richard Nunemaker / Houston Symphony Orchestra

Lisa Canning is in a class by herself when it comes to selecting first class Buffet clarinets. My school has ordered several clarinet from bass to Eb clarinets and they have all been exceptional. I recommend Lisa for all your Buffet clarinet needs. You will not be disappointed

Adam Myers / Professor of Woodwinds, Tyler Junior College

Lisa has an unsurpassed ability to choose the cream of the clarinet crop. I and my students are grateful recipients of her expertise.

Dr.Bonnie Campbell / Merit School of Music

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know it's time to purchase a new clarinet?

Based on my 30 years of experience helping others sound and play their best, if any on this list describe you its time to buy a new clarinet; or at least contact me and I will explain in greater detail why your moment to upgrade has arrived.

What makes your service different than others?

What sets Lisa’s Clarinet Shop apart from the others is that, for more than three decades, I have worked closely with my repair technician in the set up of each new clarinet.I know how to work with a technician to resolve intonation problems, sleuth complex technical problems that are causing voicing and resistance challenges that are not inherent in the instrument, and pretty much every other technical problem that most professional clarinetists and sales people have no idea can be solved. We do this work in order to ensure you can select the perfect instruments for you.

My abilities are an integral part of the success I have in matching the perfect instrument to its musician. Because every instrument is unique, even coming from the factory, each one will have different mechanical needs and challenges. The work we do to each instrument varies and is specific to each instrument as a result.
Learn more about our set up process here:

Do you offer a trade in service?

We do accept used Buffet’s on trade that meet our specifications. To learn more about our trade in service if you wish to buy a new instrument or simply wish to sell one you have:

Why do you sell Buffet and SeriO clarinets?

We sell Buffet- Crampon and SeriO instruments because they offer the flexibility and agility to make music at any level and equally have mechanical integrity.

Many expensive clarinets in the market these days are lacking in mechanical integrity making them not nearly as reliable as either of the brands we sell.

What are the color bands for?

We developed a color banding system to help you select the proper color and shape of sound that will help you play and sound your best. You can learn more about our banding system by watching this sort video.

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It’s analogous to buying a good instrument, to begin with; a cheap, poorly constructed instrument makes playing music harder, and so does a poorly maintained instrument. There are enough obstacles to playing music — conquering learning curves, finding a place to play and people to play with, among many others. Maintaining your instrument is a simple way to make playing easier. #BetterYourBest # LisasClarinetShop #AmbassadorProgram #MusicalDevelopment
Tom and Cathy met in college playing the clarinet.
The Color Rings are sure to bring out the best personality your clarinet can have. All instruments may look the same, but each are as unique as a fingerprint. #BetterYourBest # LisasClarinetShop #AmbassadorProgram #MusicalDevelopment
We get frustrated by the little blips, squeaks, and chirps. #Clarinet #Clarinetist
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You can always make progress if you practice. 🙌😉 #LisasClarinetShop #BetterYourBest

You can always make progress if you practice. 🙌😉

#LisasClarinetShop #BetterYourBest

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We strive for customer satisfaction 100% of the time. #LisasClarinetShop #BetterYourBest

We strive for customer satisfaction 100% of the time.

#LisasClarinetShop #BetterYourBest

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And your favorite piece of music, let us know in the comment section below. 👇 #LisasClarinetShop #BetterYourBest

And your favorite piece of music, let us know in the comment section below. 👇

#LisasClarinetShop #BetterYourBest

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You couldn't expect less from a clarinetist!😉 #LisasClarinetShop #BetterYourBest

You couldn't expect less from a clarinetist!😉

#LisasClarinetShop #BetterYourBest

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If you could go back in time, would you change anything? #LisasClarinetShop #BetterYourBest

If you could go back in time, would you change anything?

#LisasClarinetShop #BetterYourBest

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Engage music with the goal of improving with each practice session. #practice #Clarinet #LisasClarinetShop

Engage music with the goal of improving with each practice session.

#practice #Clarinet #LisasClarinetShop

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Music is timeless. #Clarinet #LisasClarinetShop

Music is timeless.

#Clarinet #LisasClarinetShop

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Learning is a continuous process. Don't feel you have to know it all. #clarinet #LisasClarinetShop

Learning is a continuous process. Don't feel you have to know it all.

#clarinet #LisasClarinetShop

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